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Student Services

Student services can take many forms. The greatest thing of being a student is the fact that there are a lot of institutions, organizations and people who are willing to facilitate you with all kinds of services. We covered the best student services in this section. Every month we hook you up with the the best Student Deals to many our EU countries.

I S P R A” -is the official partner of many EU universities, include Ukrainian, who guide successfully every step of admission and visa procedure including:
·      Processing application for studies to get the admission place;
·      Issue the invitation letter to study in chosen country and full support the visa obtaining procedure;

·   We make entry (to the territory) clearance for our every students at the airport;
·      Arranging accommodation in the student hostel (if necessary);
·      Assisting to sign a legal contract with the chosen university authority according to the chosen specialty and degree;
·      Meet and pick up students at the international airport upon arrival to the selected country;

Our all local officer’s/partners in every country always monitoring students’ academic progress and other activities. 

 “I S P R A”- is a private Co. Ltd. who has right/license to do five different business at the same time by its own logo/brand. It has a very good reputation in Europe and many other countries for its honesty and seriousness on own duty with responsibility.

   We are not same as others. We exceptional with our seriousness, responsibility and honesty, what is the main fundamental pillar of our company to do the real business .

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Here is our Company LEGAL papers, you can check it (if want) through any organizations to be sure about us.

     Ispra team do the deal, what is our real capacity. We don’t have bad complexes and weak character to respect and making the any kind of unnecessary show or spend the loud sounding words to overseas partners. So why: WE SAID WE DO! We dislike to waste our valuable time and the time of our partners – when we are not capable to do the work properly to give the perfect and success result. 

    Dear all education Agents//Importer -worldwide we are heartily and seriously asking you to be kind full to do furnish all the primary steps to select any candidate (for grains Importer we require L.O.I) for their FINAL admission to any country we are offering you. We mentioned the professional requirements in many pages “how to select a student before sending their papers to us”. Please, be kind full to follow the requirements.

    We respect and value your time and don’t waste it and we hope, you will also do the same as professional. And as overseas partner to support us in all side with high professionalism from your local place in any kind of business procedure.

  As was said above by us, we are exceptional than others, we passed a long way since 1999 and earned a lot of experience (good/bad) from many overseas agents. However, we don’t want to see/face such unprofessional activity from anyone. We care on our overseas partners and their local reputation, we want the same from them to save our high priority and reputation to our European Countries Universities, and in Export field. If any agent/Importer are not agree to do everything as professional, then we are so sorry and will ask heartily (to such Agents/Importer) to make a kind for us and search for other company with whom you can reach to the goal – as you wish.

Before start any kind of work with us, please take few minutes to introduce with all the rules/conditions and procedure of your chosen part what about clearly announced in our website.

We thanking all of you, for your valuable time and nice co-operations.

Many Regards from




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