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    We welcome all international students, who need local assist/help on admission process and visa procedure. Please, find below the agency’s in your local place/country, who are 100% trusted to us and working with our company as partner, representative or as our branches !!!

NOTE: In single area/country we has always more than one or two agents, and sometime there’s NOBODY. In such situation, you should ask us about our opinion through e-mail or skype. We will advice you the agent, who are more serious and responsible in their duty and will help you in all side as professional!  All the best!!!

A L G E R I A:

A N G O L A:

Mr. Francisco Bizi

City:- Luanda,  Vila Alice , Rua – Antonio Feliciano de Castilo N 119 B

Contact:- 00244914236489; 00244 943738335 (mob.)


B E N I N:

C A M E R O O N:

1. Global Alliance for education international

Mr. Njume Valentine,

P O Box 4018 yaounde Cameroon

Contact: 00237661869502/00237680006754/00237679297137

Skype: njume.valdo1

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