shortly about Azerbaijan:


Capital: Baku aj

Area: 86,600 km2

Population: 9 494 600

Currency:  Manat

     The Republic of Azerbaijan is a contiguous transcontinental presidential republic in the CAUCASUS region, situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

     It is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the south. The exclave of Nakhchivan is bounded by Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, while having a short border with Turkey in the northwest.


    In last few years Azerbaijan economy raised so faster than other CIS countries – if compare. The nation are so active and they know, how to work hard to improve everything beside them.

Welcome to natural beauty of A Z E R B A I J A N!

A D M I S S I O N:

To get admission at Azerbaijan universities the requirements is standard as in Ukraine.

But few rules is exceptional and not same as in other CIS countries but as in many EU countries:

1)  Every student should clearly TYPE/MENTION in application form their contact details, where university authority can reach anytime for verifications of the student for final selection (or local agents will informed (by our company) about the interview date with students through skype);

2) The payment of tuition fee should be transfer direct to the university account through Bank before their arrival (after Visa);

3) To get entry in Azerbaijan territory, every student must have enough amount (minimum $3000.00Euro)  with themselves and prove/record it at airport through the process of “money declaration”(immigration in airport);

4) All the original papers should bring when entry in Azerbaijan.

V I S A:

Azr IDVAzr Visa

Visa regulations for international students are different for as the embassy of Azerbaijan is not available in many countries. This is as following:

For Asian, Middle East countries citizens:

1) Visa should obtain through local embassy of Azerbaijan – if available;

2) If the embassy located so far and has no in own or nearest neighbor  countries, then visa will open through Currier parcel as DHL/TNT/FEDEX by the cost of candidates as: Visa application fee ($70.00USD) for Visa, Translation cost ($55.00USD), Currier (one side) cost ($110.00USD-$125.00USD). (We will give full instruction after issue the admission letter/IV letter).

For African countries citizens:

    If the embassy located so far and has no in own or nearest neighbor  countries, then visa will open through Currier parcel as DHL/TNT/FEDEX by the cost of candidates as: Visa application fee ($70.00USD) for Visa, Translation cost ($55.00USD), Currier (one side) cost ($110.00USD-$125.00USD). (We will give full instruction after issue the admission letter/IV letter).

 3) If any student want to obtain their visa by their own and has enough money to travel, then he/she can go to Egypt or Turkey for interview to obtain the visa. In such case in Invitation letter we should mention the place, where they will go to obtain the visa (by the choice of student). {We don’t advice to do it to spend extra money for nothing to travel for visa, as we giving most comfortable way for their success to get the visa in hand}. 


    Two currency’s  are uses to make the payment of tuition fee in Azerbaijan universities. Some of universities require the payment by Euro and some others are by USD.

Accommodation fee counted for dormitory’s by the same currency’s at the all universities in Azerbaijan. This is Euro!

From Euro 2500.00 – Euro 3500.00 for MEDICINE (Per year);

From $1200.00USD – $2500.00USD other all specialties (Per year);

Preparatory courses (English/Russian/Azerbaijani): From Euro 1000.00 (Technical) – Euro 2500.00 (Medical) for ONE academic year.


    Dormitory/Students Hostel cost is Euro 600.00 (Per year) in all universities. Female and Male dormitory’s are separate. Two (2) seats in a room for international students.

Meal/Transport etc.:- From 150 Euro and UP (depend on the life style and students choice).

Our Company service charge: Less than 10 students = $1200.00USD; Over 10 = $1000.00USD; Over 25 = $800.00USD (Per Student).

P A Y M E N T:

1. To the universities account students should make their full payment after success the visa and before flight. A part of main tuition fee (70%-80%) also acceptable. 

2. Students must come with enough amount in cash to get the entry in Azerbaijan. If a part or full tuition fee paid, then they should bring other part of tuition fee and all other expenses of one study year (with payment prove). 

NOTE: If any student try to entry in Azerbaijan without our confirmation and without full amount of their one year education expenses, all other initial costs, then without notification he/she will be deported direct from airport. 

U N I V E R S I T I E S:

1. Azerbaijan medical university  (AMU)

2. Baku State University ( BSU )

3. Azerbaijan Technical university

4. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

5. Azerbaijan Oil & Gas academy



# General Medicine

# Pediatrics

# Medical prophylactics and Medical Biology

# Stomatology(Dentistry)

# Military Medicine and Pharmacy

# Pharmacy

Others:- (BACHELOR)

1. International Relations and Economics; 2. International Law;

3. Social Sciences; 4. Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics;

5. Social Sciences and Psychology; 6. Journalism;

7. Information technology and systems engineering;

8. Process Automation Engineering; 9. Computer Engineering;

10. Computer Science;  11. Power Engineering; 12. Heat Energy  Engineering; 13. Electrical Engineering;

14. Energy of machine-building engineering;

15. Electronics, radio and telecommunications engineering;

16. Metallurgical engineering; 17. Material science engineering;

18. Environmental Engineering; 19. Emergency cases and safety 

of life activity engineering; 20. Mechanical Engineering;

20. Recycling and recovery technologies engineering;

21. Land Transport Engineering;
22. Transport engineering, management of transportation;
23. Railway vehicles and agricultural engineering;
24. Transport service (automobile transport);

25. Biomedical engineering technology;

 26. Industrial Engineering and Management; 27. Management;

28. Business organization and Management;  29. Architecture;

30. Construction; 31.  Water economics and engineering 

communication systems; 32. Transportation; 33. Construction-technology; 34. Construction-economics; 35. Mechanical and  information technologies; 36. international economic relations and management; 37.  Gas & oilfield Engineering;

38. Manufacturing processes automation; 39. Geology.

A T T E N T I O N !!!

Dear overseas partners,

    We hardly request you all to do every selection after acceptance process of your candidates in your local place. And FULL FILL all our request before sending the documents to us.This is require for ALL COUNTRIES ADMISSION process.

This is as following:

1. Don’t select any candidates, who are NOT AGREE & NOT CAPABLE to FOLLOW THE RULES & REQUIREMENT ( announce by our stuff & announced in our website) of their admission procedure . And who don’t have enough financial capacity/resources to cover the study cost abroad by their own/parents.
2. Check all the papers BEFORE sending the full package to us through e-mail.
3. Don’t (NEVER) mention the FAKE INFORMATION (as many agents done it in previous with their agency’s e-mail, tel. Number etc.) in APPLICATION FORM.
4. Take guarantee of initial payment from every student BEFORE sending any paper to us for their admission. As: application fee, Invitation letter issue fee & Currier cost of Invitation letter should be transfer with package of full document to us.
5. Follow the INSTRUCTION as mentioned for every countries ANNOUNCED CLEARLY in our website and introduce it with selected candidates.
    These all above 5 steps should be done by every local agents AS PROFESSIONAL. Otherwise, we’ll not accept any applications of any candidate!