Shortly about Bulgaria:

Year of EU entry: 2007

Capital city: Sofiabulgaria

Total area: 111 910 km²

Population: 7.6 million

Currency: Lev/Euro

Schengen area: Already a member of Schengen

Located in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria offers a highly diverse landscape: the north is dominated by the vast lowlands of the Danube and the south by the highlands and elevated plains. In the east, the Black Sea coast attracts tourists all year round.


Founded in 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest states in Europe. Its history is marked by its location near Europe’s frontier with Asia. Some 85% of the population are Orthodox Christians and 13% Muslims and 2% are others. Around 10% of the population are of Turkish origin while 3% are Roman. Similarly, its traditional dishes are a mixture of east and west.


The most famous Bulgarian food must be yoghurt, with its reputed gift of longevity for those who consume it regularly.

Education in B U L G A R I A !!!

Today’s day, study at Bulgarian universities is counted as perspectives and qualified to make the career.

All top rank universities offering the education with strict rules and routine. Any international student can get admission there to continue their study to get high education and degree. A less number of international students getting there opportunities to study on scholarship. So that, huge number of international students going there to study by the financial support of their parents/sponsor.

International students can study on any specialty at Bulgarian universities to get their higher degrees as: Bachelor, Master, PhD. in English medium or Local (Bulgarian) language.



MUST: In order to have their study in English medium all international students must present a valid TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate.

IMPORTANT: Students who studied at home and finish ENGLISH Medium school (12 classes) in their home country, they no need IELTS/TOEFL etc score certificate. (Benin, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri-Lanka in this list).

NOTE: The application/documents are submitted to the Universities ONLY  through the Legal Partner of university with legal exclusive contract.

Requirements of documents:

  • Completed Application Form with short biographical data stating the degree course the applicant wishes to follow – MS-Word format.
  • Transcript of the diploma/certificate about completed secondary education and the grades supplement – when the application is for the full duration of the degree course.
  • Document issued by the competent authorities stating the eligibility of the applicant to continue his/her education at the higher education institutions in the country where the secondary education has been completed
  • Academic transcript – when the application is for a period of study.
  • Copy of the document / diploma for completed higher education with a degree corresponding to the academic qualification degree of Bachelor or Master – for applicants for Master degree courses.
  • Medical Certificate issued not earlier than a month before the date of application and attested by the respective authorities in the country from which the applicant comes.
  • Ten passport-size photographs.
  • Scan copy of the international passport showing the applicant’s full name written in Roman/English alphabet.
  • Euro 300 – Application, Translation, Admission, Invitation letter with papers of candidates and Euro 150 after Scan copy of require papers from University.

NOTE: Documents 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 must be legalized, translated and attested by notary public.


The University sends the application documents of the admitted students to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, following the procedure for issuing long-term (D-type) visas, in accordance with the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria. Owing to the long procedure of issuing student visas, applicants are advised to submit their application documents at least two months before the beginning of the academic year.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Science sends Admission Certificates to the prospective students who have been admitted for study. The Admission Certificate is valid only for the academic year for which it has been issued. The University sends the Admission Certificate personally to the applicant at the address given in the Application Form or through the legal partner. When the candidates receive their Admission Letters and apply for a Bulgarian visa they may be asked by the Bulgarian Embassy to transfer into the University’s account half of their annual tuition fee for their first year of training in advance or get help from Legal Partner of University.

Request to all our overseas partner/Agents: Please, TRAIN every our student before their apointment date to the Embassy. Such activity will help our students to be confident and answer perfectly the given questions by console or Embassy Authority. The 100% success of visa are waiting for our students. 

For more information contact with us:

E-Mail: eurostudy@yahoo.com;

Skype: top_marshal (Ispra Ent.);

+38 093 600 37  70 (Viber, Line).

The tuition fees at the Technical University are determined annually by an Act of the Council of Ministers and should paid in BGL, according to the exchange rate determined by the Bulgarian National Bank.

The annual tuition fees for full-time studies for the academic year 2016/2017 are: –  preparatory Bulgarian language course = 2500 EURO;

– Bachelor degree course in Bulgarian language is = 2700 EURO;

– Master degree course in Bulgarian language is = 2900 EURO;

– Bachelor or Master degree course in English language is = 3500 EURO – 3700 EURO.

Students with a double citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian, are entitled to a 50% waiver of the tuition fee.

The University offers accommodation at the students hostel to all students. The cost is between 40 and 50 EUR per month. The cost of living (meal) is between 80 and 120 EUR per month.

P A Y M E N T:

1. To the universities students should make their full payment (or a part) after receive the original Invitation letter in hand from us. 

2. Students bring other all expenses (include accommodations, medical insurance and else) to get entry with payment prove at the customes department of Bulgarian International Airport. 

NOTE: If any student try to entry to Bulgarian territory without perfect confirmation to the immigration department (through university), he/she will send back to their home country direct from Airport. For such wrong activities, university will not refund the paid amount. 

Our Company Service Charge (ONCE) is: Euro 800.00, (over 10 students), If less – Euro 1200.00 (per student) AFTER visa BEFORE FLIGHT. The full responsibility of our profit (service charge) will on our overseas partner/agents.


Right now we are direct connected only one TOP-1 Rank university in Bulgaria.
Technical University of BulgariaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

F A C U L T I E S:

The Bachelor degree courses at the Technical University are:

– Faculty of Mechanical and Precision Engineering:

– Industrial Engineering

– Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Gas Equipment

– Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering

– Textile Design, Equipment and Technologies

– Materials Technologies and Management

– Environment Protection Equipment and Technologies

– Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics:

– Renewable Energy Sources and Efficiency

– Automation, Information and Control Systems

– Electronics

– Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment

– Computer Systems and Technologies

– Mobile and Satellite Communications

– Faculty of Economics:

– Economics of Commerce

– Public Administration

– Management of Economy

– Social Work

– Industrial Management


The Master degree courses at the Technical University are:

– Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics:

– Automation, Information and Control Systems

– Automotive Electronics
– Industrial Safety

– Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment

– Electronics

– Computer Systems and Technologies

– Communications Equipment and Technologies

– Opt-electronics and Laser Technology

Faculty of Mechanical and Precision Engineering:

– Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Engineering

– Industrial Engineering

– Computer Methods and Technologies in Mechanical Engineering

– Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning of Industrial Objects

– Environment Protection and Sustainable Development

– Precision Engineering and Instrument Design

– Textile Engineering and Technologies

– Environment Protection Equipment and Technologies

– Technologies and Equipment in Mechanical Engineering

– Materials Science and Technologies

– Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering

– Faculty of Economics:

– Public Administration

– Social Work

– Management of Economy: Human Resources Management

– Industrial Management.

For more information contact with us:

E-Mail: eurostudy@yahoo.com;

Skype: top_marshal (Ispra Ent.);

+38 093 600 37  70 (Viber, Line).

This is a schengen country and major facilities are available there as in other EU countries.

In every summer vacation many students (include Bulgarian) moving to other EU countries to earn money as in Bulgaria the salary is not so high. 

# If someone from students want to get Permanent Legal Residency there in Bulgaria after their degree, we can help them with extra payment of services.

G O O D           L U C K  !!!


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