WELCOME to our “E X P O R T & I M P O R T” SECTOR !!!

We offer to export GRAINS as: Wheat (all categories), Barley, Corn and other agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine to the all destination of port – worldwide.  

Full details about our offer to EXPORT the GRAINS:

As we act as main seller and sometime dealer to furnish to the end of export grains from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, we follow always few of fixed rules to start international deal and finish it to the success deal as deliver to the mentioned clients/buyers. 

So why, we always asking to our honorable buyers/clients to follow the same to get responses from us on their query. These are as following:

1.  Letter of Intent (L O I)

Any kind of export deal always start officially, when seller receive a LOI from buyers. Where buyer should mention CLEARLY the name of products and full specification of products, what they are going to buy from us.  In LOI every buyer must mention as following: 

a).  The name of products (Wheat, Corn etc.) ;

b). Quantity (Metric Tons);

c). Category of products; 

d). Specification of products with full details;

e). Condition or basis of delivery (FOB/CIF/CNF etc.);

f). Payment condition (L/C, TT, Cash etc.);

g). Target price. 

Mention please in LOI all the details of your query as mentioned above in your company pad. Within SEAL and SIGN send it to our email: ispra_a3@yahoo.com

After receive your mail, in very short time we will reply and will propose our price on your mentioned products.

NOTE: If buyer or their authorized agents will not satisfy us with their query and will not send to us the official LOI (Letter of Intent), we will not waste our time to response them. Without LOI all messages or mail will hang and delay for unknown period. 

We as always in touch with international and internal partners. We always guarantee the quality of our work and signed deal with perfect buyers.


e-mail: ispra_a3@yahoo.com

Skype ID: top_marshal

Tel.: +38-066-062-44-59 (mob.)

Fax: +38-043-268-18-92 

We offer  here BIG deals worldwide.

1. Bio Power Station and

2. Export Battery for all kind/model of automobile

Bio-Power Station

 Build and Repair  in any country of the planet by our SUPER MODERN Technology within guarantee of 15-25 years (depend on local field, climates) as minimum.

To get our project of Modern and 100% ECOLOGICAL “Bio-Power Station”, and get our full services, you should confirm us “A to Z” your “capacity” in your local place as following.

Capacity means:

1. Financial ability to carry all expenses of this plant;

2. You should be 100% confirm about the Raw material and its quantity, what should supply to the plant every day – NON STOP;

3. Inform us clearly, you are going to build this plant: a). plants for cattle farms, b). plants on egg poultry dung, c). plants on corn silage, d). plants on spent brewers’ grains or e). plants on natural manure. 

NOTE: Above mentioned 5 categories Raw materials has it own HUMIDITY and will use on the plant  with its own characteristics method.

When the plant will start to run finally for product, then it will product few items at the same time by our technology. The quantity of those items will depend on the size and capacity of plant.

1. Gas, 2. Electricity, 3. Heat (home/industries etc.), 4. Liquid fuel for transport, 5. Bio fertilizer (100% ecological) and 6. Worms.

ATTENTION!: All of above mentioned products will as OUTPUT from single plant in the same time. As all these items has its own value and price, the plant return so easier its own expenses from 3 to 4 years with guarantee what was spent to build it.

All the details you can know by online conversation with us through Skype (top_marshal).

Batteries for Automobile:

In this field we offering our HIGH QUALITY “Batteries” for all kind of Automobiles within VERY CHEAP (if compare with world market) PRICES. All buyers/clients – worldwide are welcome to get the products and import from us. This products already extended and selling every month by huge quantity from many years in European, Asian (include China, India, South Korea etc.) and Middle east countries. In many of those countries has its own dealer. And in UAE has its branch office. From where this product supplying to neighbor countries comfortably. The brand of this products are so popular today’s day for its quality and price.

Conditions to import batteries from us:

1. Clearly inform us about the quantity of batteries;

2. Make sure the destination/port for supply;

3. Be able to make transfer (LC) direct to industry’s account;

4. Booking the products as minimum 1 month ago.


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