WELCOME to our “E X P O R T & I M P O R T” SECTOR !!!


We offer to export GRAINS as: Wheat (all categories), Barley, Corn and other agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine to the all destination of port – worldwide.  


Full details of our offer to EXPORT the GRAINS:

We export grains from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to all over the world. Except the act as main seller, sometime we act as Re-Seller, or Local Dealer, when the products are not enough in stock! We  always follow few of fixed rules to start the conversation with international partners to success the deal to the end. It help us to reach to the real/original clients to make real deal and deliver it to the  clients/buyers. 

So why, we always asking to our honorable buyers/clients to follow the same to get responses from us on their query. These are as following:

1.  Letter of Intent (L O I)

Any kind of Export-Import deal always start officially (does not matter which products), when seller receive a LOI from buyers. Where buyer mention CLEARLY the name of products and full specification of products and the quantity, what they are going to buy from Exporter.  In LOI every buyer must mention as following: 

a).  The name of products (Wheat, Corn etc.) ;

b). Quantity (Metric Tons);

c). Category of products; 

d). Specification of products with full details;

e). Condition or basis of delivery (FOB/CIF/CNF etc.);

f). Payment condition (L/C, TT, Cash etc.);

g). Target price. 

Mention please in LOI all the details of your query as mentioned above in your company pad. Within SEAL and SIGN send it to our email: ispra_a3@yahoo.com

After receive your mail, in very short time we will reply and will propose our price on your mentioned products.


NOTE: If buyer or their authorized agents will not satisfy us with their query and will not send to us the official LOI (Letter of Intent), we will not waste our time to response them. Without LOI all messages or mail will hang and delay for unknown period. 

We as always in touch with international and internal partners. We always guarantee the quality of our work and signed deal with perfect buyers.


e-mail: ispra_a3@yahoo.com

Skype ID: top_marshal

Tel.: +38-066-062-44-59 (mob.)

Fax: +38-043-268-18-92