Shortly about Poland:Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of 312,696 square kilometres, and has a largely temperate seasonal climate..

Capital city: Warsaw

Total area: 312,679 square kilometers

Population: 38.43 million (2017)

Currency: Polish złoty

Schengen area: Member of Schengen

Location: Poland shares land borders with 7 countries: BelarusLithuaniaUkraineCzech RepublicSlovakiaGermanyRussia.

 Welcome to study in Poland !

Compulsory education in Poland starts at the age of six from the mandatory “0” reception class (Polish zerówka or klasa 0, literally Year 0). At the age of seven kids start the 1st grade of primary school (Polish szkoła podstawowa) lasting for 8 (6 until 2017) years and finished with an exam. Afterwards, until 2017, pupils have joined the mandatory junior high school for three years (lower secondary education) and at the end, take another compulsory exam.

Polish Ministry of Education established by King Stanisław August Poniatowski in 1773 was the first ministry of education in the world, and the traditions continue. The international PISA 2012 praised the progresses made by Polish education in mathematics, science and literacy; the number of top-performers having increased since 2003 while the number of low-performers decreased again. In 2014, the Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit rated Polish education as fifth best in Europe and tenth best in the world.


International students can study on any specialty at Poland universities to get their higher degrees as:  Bachelor, Master, PhD. The education in Poland is the same as in Ukraine and Russia. But the quality of education and its system is well-known by international students.

Welcome to the Industrial country “POLAND”!

Admission at the Poland universities and obtain a student visa for entry to the Poland:

BL ivBL iv1

Invitation Sample

Belarusian VisaVisa Sample

To get admission and study at Poland universities in English medium NO NEED any kind of English Score Certificates as: TOEFL/IELTS/ESL etc.  But need good knowledge of English. As every student should pass a similar TEST at the university after arrival in Poland. 

Admission Requirements:

The rules and requirements to get the admission & booking the place at the Poland universities is same as in Ukraine/Russia. (Please, visit Ukraine page). Age limit of candidates MUST be under 24 years old.

NOTE: Every student should full fill the following requirements before ENTRY to the Belarus:

1. By the requirements of selected university, student must transfer a part of tuition fee (or full amount) before arrival to the airport. Payment receipt should be with their own as prove.

2. Every student should send their Visa (if they obtained in their country) scan copy and return (2 way) air ticket to our e-mail that we can confirm their entry with guarantee at the immigration department in Air Port. [minimum 4-5 working day’s before their entry to Poland].

If they don’t have Belarus Embassy in their local place and should obtain the visa on arrival at Warsaw Air Port , then they must send us 2 way air ticket scan copy and payment receipt prove to our e-mail.

3. Without confirmation, knowledge and instruction of our company if any student will take risk to entry in Poland by their own, we will bound to DEPORT them without any kind of notification.

For more details, contact with our staff please!

V I S A:

    Once the admission place are final by university and Invitation letter issued by immigration department of Poland, it doe’s mean you already got the visa with 100% guarantee. It is not playing any role how you will obtain it – through the Poland Embassy in your local place or on arrival at the Warsaw airport.

For students, who need to apply for visa at the Embassy in their local place. Please follow the requirements in “UKRAINE Page”.

Same require for those students, who are going to obtain visa on arrival at airport.

NOTE: Students, who do not confirm (5-7 day’s before) about their arrival (flight details) to Minsk airport (or others), they can be deport/return back to home direct from airport. As the entry confirmation paper of student was not declared by university to the immigration department as require by the local border law.

All about you will get 100% information by our staff/officers/administration.


E-Mail: eurostudy@yahoo.com;

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+38 093 600 37  70 (Viber, Line).

As always we say the same things about the Tuition Fees:

It is depend on the Rank of University, Faculty and Medium of Language (English/Local).

Preparatory Courses cost at Belarus universities are:

$3000.00EURO to $4000.00EURO (Per Year).

Other Cost:

– If you booked the place in dormitory (student hostel) of University, where you was placed for study, per year the fee of dormitory will $800.00USD to $1200.00USD (depend on the quality of hostel).

And if you want to rent a flat in the city, then it may cost from $200.00USD to $500.00USD per month (depend on the number of bedroom and its decoration).

The meal/food cost are so cheap there in Belarus. It may around $100.00 to $200.00 per month (depend on your life style).

– Transport cost in the city may around $10.00/UP per month.

# Our company service charge is: from $1000.00USD to $1200.00USD (depend on the number of students).

P A Y M E N T:

1. To the universities students should make their full payment (or a part) of tuition fee direct to the university account after receive the visa from Belarus Embassy and before entry. 

2. If any citizen have to obtain visa on arrival, then student should make their full payment (or a part) of tuition fee direct to the university account after receive the Original Invitation letter from us and entry with payment prove + other expenses. 

NOTE: If any student try to entry to Poland territory without perfect confirmation to the immigration department (through university), he/she will send back to their home country direct from Airport. For such wrong activities, university or our company are not responsible. If even someone will get entry without our knowledge, we will organize their deportation in 2-3 day’s without any notification to parents or agents. 

Lublin University of Technology was established as Evening Engineering School in May 1953 on initiative of Lublin technical societies.

At present, there are six Faculties of the Lublin University of Technology:

  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
  • Building and Architecture,
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Management,
  • Fundamentals of Technology,

and interfaculty units such as:

  • Foreign Languages Department,
  • Physical Education and Sport Department,
  • LUT’s Library,
  • Information Technology Centre,
  • Centre for Innovation and Advanced Technologies of the LUT,
  • Lublin Centre for Technology Transfer of the LUT,
  • Lublin Innovation Partnership (Incubator) of the LUT,
  • Office for Development and Cooperation of the LUT.

Educational Process for International Students

     The academic year for full-time students starts on September 1 and finishes on June 30 for both Poland and international students. International correspondence students come to examination sessions at the University on invitation letters that are issued compliant with their established session periods. All international students study in the same groups with Poland students; groups are organized at basic Schools dependent on definite majors and minors. The tuition language is Russian.     During the entire period of studies international students are as rightful participants of their School and University social, scientific, sports, and cultural life as their Belarusian mates. Together with Belarusian students they participate and win in competitions, student Olympiads and contests, visit theaters and exhibitions, arrange parties and go on excursions. A great support in adapting to new study and living conditions is offered by the Students’ Council and countrymen associations whose activities are assisted by the Dean’s Office for International Students. For more details on the University rules and students’ life at the University please refer to tab For Students and tabs of the University Schools in the Russian version of the website. The term of studies at the University depends upon the School, major and minor, mode of studies (full-time or part-time) selected by international students and varies between 4 and 5 years. The School and major are selected when international students submit papers to the University.

JOBThis is individual. (Hard but possible).


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