Welcome to the most beautiful European countryU K R A I N E” !!!

Shortly about U K R A I N E” !!!


Shortly about Ukraine:ukraine

Capital city: Kiev (Kyiv)

Total area: 603,550 square kilometers

Population: 45.5 million (1 January 2013)

Currency: Hryvnia (UAH) kiev-maidan

Location: Ukraine is in the south-eastern part of Central Europe. Its borders with Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey on sea. Not a member of Schengen.

Welcome to study in Ukraine !!!

The education of Ukraine is most popular by its standard and quality. And the expenses of study or cost of education are enough comfortable for international students– if compare with others EU, CIS countries or else.  The degree from Ukrainian universities also recognized and approved by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK) and other different International Organizations. Over 83 countries citizens/nationalities are studying in Ukraine from few century.

A  short video for general idea about Ukraine!


A D M I S S I O N:

UKR GhanaUkr- Inv KenyaUkr-IV India

In order to get admission place and receive an “Invitation letter to obtain the visa for Study”, candidate or agent should provide us through e-mail (eurostudy@yahoo.com) high quality and COLOR “SCAN COPIES” of the following documents:

  • International Passport (main pages with FULL DATA);

(The validity of Passport not less than next 1 year).

  • All educational Documents (“O” Level/12 classes passed/HSC), certificates;
  • Age limit of candidates MUST be under 25 years old.
  • Application Form filled with capital letters (click here);
  • Transfer admission + application fee and Currier parcel cost of IV letter,Visa Support = USD400$ (refundable) by faster International money transfer services as: Western Union, Money Gram,  MoneyExpress OR “FIRST” Bank (from Nigeria) or else and for INDIA agents – BANK “ICICI” in India.

(2-14 working day’s we finalize the admission of selected candidates and issue their Invitation Letter (IV) for Visa & sending by Currier).

NOTE: Honorable agents/representatives, please check the “FILLED” APPLICATION FORM of every student, before sending it to us, where they should mention GENUINE INFORMATION always. Cause, University can contact with those student direct to mentioned address for primary interview and investigation. Never try to fill it by yours own and FAKE INFO.

V I S A:

visa sample-ukr

To obtain the Ukrainian visa every candidate must fill the following requirements:

  1. Passport (International)
  2. Original Invitation Letter from University (send by us)
  3. Birth Certificate. A copy must be legalized by Notary public, local authorization or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of candidates home country. Translate it at Embassy of Ukraine into Ukrainian language and legalize;
  4. Original School Certificates (“O” Level/ SSCE/ H.Sc), and a copy must be legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of candidates home country. Translate it at Embassy of Ukraine into Ukrainian language and legalize by Notary public.
  5. General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Ukraine and a copy must be legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of candidates home country. Translate it at Embassy of Ukraine into Ukrainian language and legalize by Notary public.
  6. HIV- AIDS Negative Certificate and a copy must be legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of candidates home country.
  7. Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine. (OPTIONAL).
  8. Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (OPTIONAL)
  9. photos, size: 3 * 4 cm (6-10 pc.)

From the date of issue the IV Letter, in 14-18 working day’s we sent the Visa Support Letter to the Ukraine Embassy in the territory of admitted candidates. Here’s the general questions of console and its answers. Please (CLICK HERE).

MBBS: Doctor of Medicine in English Medium (Duration 6 years)

General Medicine – $4300.00USD-$5500.00USD (Per Year/2 semester)

Dentist – $4400.00USD-$5800.00USD (Per Year/2 semester)

Pharmacy – $3600.00USD-$4200.00USD (Per Year/2 semester) (duration 5 years)

Accommodation: 600US$ – 1280 US$ (according to living conditions & quality in students hostel). (Per Year).
Other Expenses: Airport pick-up, Medical Insurance, Immigration, Medical checkup, Student Residency (one year), translation the papers in Ukrainian, Our service charges (ONCE): 1200-1500 US$ (Depend on the Rank of University and number of students).

To do and pass all those mentioned procedure at university, our officer will assist/help you in all side.

NOTE: Complete expenses for 1st (include our company service charge) year in total: from $5500.00USD to $6700.00USD (Depend on the faculty & University).

P.S.: From the 2nd year – end of the degree, students will pay only their own tuition fee and all other initial expenses.

Engineering, BBA, IT, Telecommunication, International Relations, Management, Accounting & Audit, Hotel & Tourism Management, Oil & Gas Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering ETC.(English Medium):

Bachelor Degree (duration 3-4 years): $2000.00USD – $3100.00USD (Per Year).

Master Degree (duration 1.5-2 years): $2200.00USD – $3300.00USD (Per Year).

Accommodation: 600US$ – 1200 US$ (according to living conditions & quality in students hostel & University). (Per Year).

NOTE: Complete expenses for 1st (include our company service charge) year in total: from $3500.00USD to $5000.00USD (Depend on the faculty/degree & University).


Students, who do not speak or weak in English, MUST admit in preparatory faculty to continue their study in local language medium as: Ukrainian or Russian (depend on university).

Tuition fee of preparatory faculty are different as the Rank of University also different (SAME IN OTHER FACULTIES).

Duration One year: $1600.00USD – $3200.00USD.

Accommodation are SAME as ABOVE (Regarding the universities).

P A Y M E N T:

1. To the universities students can make their full payment after arrival (except application, IV and Currier cost). 

2. Students can make the payment of tuition fee (full/part) direct to the university account after receive the original Invitation letter in hand from us. (such way help to be sure about visa success with payment prove). 

NOTE: If any student entry to Ukraine without full amount of their one year education expenses and all other initial costs, then without notification he/she will deported. 



Medical Universities:

– Kiev National Medical Academy of Post Graduate Education;

– National University of Pharmacy Ukraine;

– L’viv National Medical University;

– Odessa National Medical University;

– M.I. Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University;

– O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University Kiev;

– Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Traditional & Non Traditional Medicine;

– Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy;

– Kharkiv State Medical Academy of Post Graduate Education;

– Ivano-frankivsk National Medical University;

– Zaporozhye State Medical University.

NOTE: All the educational institutions/universities, colleges are totally CLOSED in Donetsk and Lugansk city – regarding the occupation by Russian present Government.


  1. General Medicine; 2. Dentistry; 3. Pharmacy; 4. Nursing & 5. Pediatrics.

Technical/Engineering/Economics Universities:

National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv;

National University – LVIV POLYTECHNIC;

– L’viv National University of Ivana Franko;

– Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport;

– Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology-Dnepropetrovsk;

– National Mining University of Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk;

– National Mining University of Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk;

– National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine- Dnepropetrovsk;

– Cherkasy State Technological University;

– Vinnitsya National Technical University;

– National Technical University -Kyiv Polytechnic Institute;

– Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics;

– Kharkiv National Technical University

– Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute;

– Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas;

– Odessa National Polytechnic University;

– Odessa National Academy of Communications;

– Kharkiv Aviation Institute;

– State Flight Academy of Ukraine – Kirovograd;

– National Aviation university – Kiev;

– Kiev State Institute of Decorative Applied Arts and Design;

– Odessa National Economics University;

– Kiev International University;

– Kiev National Economic University;

– Kiev National University of Trade and Economics.


All specialties are available in education fields. By the choice of candidate we make confirm about his/her admission on the chosen faculty at any of mentioned university.


Facilities and advantages to study in Ukraine:

  1. The life lead (meal/transport) cost in Ukraine is so cheap;
  2. If any student want to live alone or with friend in private FLAT or HOME by his/her own cost, then it is cost per month from 200$ to UP (depend on the requirements of students life style).
  3. Students can visit any other countries in summer vacation, as the visa is opening by foreign embassies so easy, when they have all the legal papers (from university and else).
  4. If any student want to earn/make money, then there’s a lot of opportunities in Ukraine to do mini business or big by their own capacity.
  5. The peoples (Ukrainian) are very friendly & polite.
  6. A lot of clubs are available in every city, where students can improve their hobby as: music, sports, exercise etc.
  7. Most beautiful country in Europe with its nature, different climates in every season.

Negative: 1. The most problems what face every foreigner in Ukraine, it is language. As 99% (and over) peoples speaking in local language or russian.

2. To get a Job (officially) is SO TOUGH in Ukraine. But have a mini/big own business is very profitable here in Ukraine by own investment.

A T T E N T I O N!

Dear overseas partners,

We hardly request you all (for every country) to do every selection after acceptance process of your candidates in your local place. And FULL FILL all our request before sending the documents to us.This is hardly require for ALL COUNTRIES ADMISSION process.

This is as following:

1. Don’t select any candidates, who are NOT AGREE & NOT CAPABLE to FOLLOW THE RULES & REQUIREMENT ( announce by our stuff & announced in our website) of their admission procedure . And who don’t have enough financial capacity/resources to cover the study cost abroad by their own/parents.
2. Check all the papers BEFORE sending the full package to us through e-mail and their AGE.
3. Don’t (NEVER) mention the FAKE INFORMATION (as many agents done it in previous with their agency’s e-mail, tel. Number etc.) in APPLICATION FORM.
4. Take guarantee of initial payment from every student BEFORE sending any paper to us for their admission. As: application fee, Invitation letter issue fee & Currier cost of Invitation letter should be transfer with package of full document to us.
5. Follow the INSTRUCTION as mentioned for every countries ANNOUNCED CLEARLY in our website and introduce it with selected candidates.
These all above 5 steps should be done by every local agents AS PROFESSIONAL. Otherwise, we’ll not accept any applications of any candidate!

Thanks in advance to you all!